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TWIN FLAME JEWELRY FOR SALE ONLINE - soulmate_heart_earrings_sterling_silver

Twin Flame Jewelry - Give Her The Necklace That Symbolizes The Love Between You

Sometimes when we meet someone there is an instant connection, a feeling as if we have known them forever. An undeniable spark of remembrance in our soul for this seemingly new person in our lives. I have heard many terms and phrases to describe this knowing feeling. The most popular among these, as you may have guessed is “soulmate.” We all know the concept of a soulmate, that there is a person out there, who we are destined to be with. To fall in love with, to be enchanted by over and over again. Those of us fortunate enough to have found our soulmate know that there is no greater feeling than looking into their eyes and knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be. 

A few years ago, I met someone, and the situation played out exactly as you would expect. An instant spark, a bond that grew quicker than any I had experienced in my life. “Here they are” I thought, my soulmate. However there something about this connection that surprised me even further… we were so alike, such perfect reflections of the essence of each of us was. I started to believe that this person was more than another soul that I was destined to find and be with, but a soul identical to my own. I had heard the phrase “my other half” for years and thought it was a cute sentiment, but never truly felt the depth with which it was meant. What I had discovered, was my twin flame. I began to realize that perhaps we were not two souls destined to be mated together, but one soul longing to find its other half. 

Twin flame jewelry for sale online

What Is A Twin Flame?
A twin flame relationship is something that is almost indescribable to anyone else. A love so deep that it feels beyond this world, bigger than the two of us, stronger than anything we have ever known or even dreamed of. Romantic movies and love songs can’t begin to do justice to the bond between you. 

My heart longed for a way to express the depth of the love felt when you connect with your twin flame. So interwoven are our lives, our hearts, our soul… I wanted to create something to be a symbol of love between us. A twin flame symbol that could embody the connection of two hearts, one soul. 

I wanted to create something, as beautiful, as unique and as special as our love. A gift that I could give to show how much love was in my heart. My profession was jewelry, but my passion was her. I set my mind to work at creating a perfect necklace for her. A heart made of sterling silver, that she could wear around her neck and wherever she was, she would think of me. I thought about our hearts intertwined, embracing each other for all of eternity. I made her a necklace, then a bracelet, then a ring. Our lives were filled with such joy, every new day was a delight to be able to wake up next to the one I love, my other half. 

This is what inspired us to make the Symbol of Love Jewelry Collection. To share that feeling of euphoria, known only to those lucky enough to have found their other half. My love for her created each of these beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewelry. With a love and passion fueled only by knowing I had found my soul’s counterpart, we hand crafted each piece to share the joy of forever with a symbol of your unending, unwavering, unprecedented love.

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