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Symbol of Love®

About us

Watch as we create one of a kind jewelry!

About Us

Each piece in this jewelry collection has been hand designed to depict two souls intertwined in love. We begin with our trio containing our standard earrings, necklace, and ring in our timeless Soulmate design. Each piece has been uniquely fashioned to be worn independently or as a set allowing you to express your love in stunning elegant fashion. For this collection we have released an accent piece, a beautiful double-adjustable bangle featuring two sizes of brilliant precious metal to accentuate the design. Additionally, we have crafted a heart-shaped pendent to beautifully frame the Soulmate design and it is a favorite among our staff. Finally, we have created the perfect piece no matter your gender with our traditional Soulmate design on a solid backing.

John K. started his career casting jewelry eventually finding his way to the manufacturing side where he found his love and passion that has kept him in the jewelry industry for the last 30 years. As he continued in his career he knew he wanted to design and sell his own collection and created Symbol of Love® to do just that.  

He knew how important it is when we find that one person in our life that we connect with like no other – our soulmate. Once we have found that person we feel as if a part of ourselves that was lost had been found. With this in mind he wanted to create something that symbolized that connection, bonding, and wholeness.

Working with a student from the Rhode Island School of Design whose invaluable insight helped to bring his vision to life, the Soulmate Collection was born.

These timeless pieces are crafted in striking detail with more than 30 years of design knowledge and jewelry craftsmanship. Each piece if crafted with .925 Genuine Sterling Silver or 14 kt. gold overlay over .925 Genuine Sterling Silver.  Using high quality precious metals allows us to guarantee the constructions and quality of each piece.

Designed to be worn as a Symbol of Love® this collection is the embodiment of what it means to be in perfect union with your Soulmate. Showcasing a variety of thoughtful design we offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings so you can have the perfect piece that fits you and your Soulmate as a Symbol of Love®.