As an energetic and versatile individual, I wanted to create a collection that could stand the test of time. The “Symbol of Love” collection was ready to be created from a dream, to reality. Growing up in Rhode Island, my first job was in the jewelry field. I learned that this stare was the jewelry capital of the United States. This was very important to me, and I wanted my entire product line to be manufactured in this country.

In the beginning of my career, I started out casting jewelry. I continued my career path into manufacturing and found my love and passion in the jewelry industry, therefore, the “Symbol of Love” was created.

My vision of what I wanted to create, came from working with a Rhode Island School of Design student. I conveyed my ideas to her, and they brought the “Symbol of Love” to renderings.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved all pieces with a copyright and the certificate of registration for the “Symbol of Love.”

Symbol of Love Jewelry has been designed to last the test of time.

Timeless pieces crafted with striking detail, the Symbol of Love collection features earrings, necklaces and bracelets created by Rhode Island jeweler John Klanian.

John always dreamed of releasing his own jewelry collection. As a young man, John learned to cast jewelry pieces. Later, he became an expert at manufacturing exquisite jewelry, in 2008 his first piece was created. Now he’s ready to debut his own collection.

The Symbol of Love collection represents more than 30 years of design knowledge and jewelry craftsmanship. John is proud to present this collection, crafted in either .925 Genuine Sterling Silver or 14 kt. gold overlay over .925 genuine Sterling Silver, to the public with love.

It’s more than jewelry. It’s a Symbol of Love.

Magic and passion come alive in the glitter of gold and silver! These timeless pieces were designed and created to be worn as a “Symbol of Love”

The collection is made up of precious metals consisting of, .925 Sterling Silver, and Sterling Silver with heavy gold electroplate over Sterling Silver. We use only the highest quality of precious metal available in the industry today to guarantee the construction and quality of our products.

Jewelry Made For Soulmates Worldwide
This collection consistently of soulmate necklaces, soulmate earrings, soulmate bracelets and soulmate rings. The ring sizes are available 6 through 8, there are new styles consistently being developed and presented to our marketing team as part of the “Symbol of Love”